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10 East 40th Street, 25th Floor New York, New York 10016
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About Menaker & Herrmann LLP


We are adept at representing commercial clients, ranging from major multinational companies and financial institutions to individuals and private businesses. We deal with independent-minded entrepreneurs as well as large corporations. We concentrate in complex commercial legal assignments, many involving international aspects, including construction, venture capital, corporate, securities and investment banking, intellectual property, commodities, real estate and employment law. We have experience in administrative and “white collar” criminal matters and an extensive network of other professionals whom we recommend and consult in appropriate cases. We regularly participate in continuing education and bar association activities to keep our knowledge of the law and related technology up to date.

The Firm embraces diversity in the fullest sense of the word. Our lawyers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are diverse in race, gender and nationality, with many differences in personal and professional experiences. Several of our lawyers and staff speak foreign languages, including Dutch, Chinese, German, Korean and Bulgarian, and have practiced abroad. The Firm therefore reflects the diversity among our clients and in our community, and our practice benefits from the wide-ranging experience, insight and analytical styles of our lawyers. Diversity, in these several senses, is highly valued by the Firm and allows us to provide innovative solutions to the assignments our clients bring to us

The lawyers of Menaker & Herrmann LLP take seriously the ethical principle that every lawyer, regardless of professional prominence or professional workload, should find time to participate in serving the disadvantaged. The Firm is justly proud of its commitment to pro bono services. Our professionals donate their time to represent indigent clients in a variety of ways, including dispute resolution, assistance with legal documents, and service to legal services organizations. Lawyers here also provide pro bono legal services to arts organizations and community groups as well as serve as elected or appointed officials of their local communities. New lawyers find the Firm a receptive environment for an idealistic commitment to pro bono service, and there is opportunity to exercise that idealism in the context of our active private practice.


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