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Calle 97A-13 con Cra. 10 Torre B Oficina 202 Edificio Bogotá Trade Bogotá Colombia
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About FSC Tax & Legal


One of the biggest barriers to international investment is the burden of the back office. FSC Tax&Legal has dedicated specialists willing and able to take care of the administrative hassle of moving across borders, leaving your company free to focus on its global ambitions.

We focus on providing specialized tax services, as well other legal and Back Office services as required by the regulations. This enables you to accelerate your growth and operate your corporate structures, financial vehicles and investment funds in Colombia without using multiple providers. We help to reduce risk, control costs and simplify operations.

With FSC Tax&Legal you are able to get a single point of contact no matter where you operate, reducing the time you need to take on compliance and you can rest assured that the people doing work on your behalf are locals who know what it takes.

For further information, please visit: www.fsc-law.com and www.attest.com.co.

Our services include:

Tax Services

Legal & Para-Legal Services

Back Office Services

Tax Advice

Business Law


Corporate Tax

Migration Law


Domestic Corporate Taxation

Corporate Secretarial Services

Accounts Payables

Territorial Local Taxation

Domiciliation Services

Accounts Receivables

Tax Controversy

Nominee Directors


Wealth Planning

Nominee Shareholders


Taxation of Individuals

Registered Office

Human Resources

Tax Training

Contracts Management

 Virtual Office

Not-for-profit and Charitable Organizations



Due Diligence



Tax Compliance



Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation



Tax for Foreigners





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