Avatar of Anna Dzieciatkowska
ul Hrubieszowska 2, Warsaw, PL 01-209
48 22 295 33 45

Anna Dzieciątkowska actively participated in the creation and development of the company law department of TGC. She has over 20 years’ experience in corporate services provided to several hundred Polish and international companies, including:

- Consulting with regard to the creation of companies, including creation and sale of shelf companies (several hundred sold and established companies);

- Consulting with regard to and conduct of liquidation of companies (several dozen liquidations completed);

- Consulting with regard to statutory services provided to companies and keeping company documentation;

- Comprehensive back office services provided to international companies and investment funds from the real estate sector;

- Transactions concerning share capital increases and decreases, introduction of changes to the composition of corporate bodies, introduction of amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, etc.;

- Share sale transactions;

- Mergers of companies;

- Coordination of meetings of corporate bodies, representation of shareholders at shareholders’ meetings/general shareholders’ meeting, including preparation of minutes of annual and extraordinary general meetings of shareholders;

- Management and back office services during finalization of transactions;

- Compliance audits of reports prepared by the management board, annual financial statements, shareholders’ resolutions and other corporate documents;

- Electronic processing of documents.