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About Elisabet Rosa

Training Elisabet Rosa is a graduate in Law by the PompeuFabraUniversity from 1999 and became on 2000 a Registered Member of the Illustrious College Bar of Lawyers of Barcelona. She achieved all corresponding diplomas from a range of different training courses and seminars carried out at ICAB and ESADE. Specially, and more recently, she took part in those related to the Companies Act and Unfair Competition Law. Work experience Following her stay at Navas Cusí, Manubes i Associats bureau as well as being an associated lawyer at Jausas, she more recently became a full associate member of Miliners Bureau in 2008. She is responsible for their Procedural & Mercantile Law Department. Elisabet Rosa has a large experience in Mercantile Litigation Law (whether be conflicts of interests between shareholders, insolvencies, unfair competition law and so on). She has a great deal of experience in regards to Patrimonial Civil Law (leases, civil responsibility liabilities, law advising and law-enforcement in regards to the construction area, etc.). She works both at a level of ordinary jurisdiction as well as with the arbitrary institutions. To add to this, she is involved in a proactive and preventive way in providing solutions to issues in regards to contracts and societies based on out-of-court alternatives. She's member of the Associació pel Foment de l'Arbitratge - association for the promotion of the arbitration.