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About Manuel Urenda

Lawyer by the Private University of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (UPSA), approved with honors, graduated from the Master of Labour Law and Social Security from the Autonomous University Gabriel René Moreno, Diploma in Governance and Political Management at George Washington University and Univalle.

He is in charge of the corporate law in Urenda Lawyers (2008) área, previously was a consultant for Jindal Steel and Power Limited in New Delhi, India (2007) and worked at the District Attorney's Office as assistant to the District Attorney (Public Prosecutor) (2004-2006 ).

Experienced in societary matters, specializing in the incorporation of companies with foreign capital, especially in the construction sector, oil services, mining and imports, he is in charge of coordinating with the other lawyers of the commercial law department at the Firm, with whom he has, mainly, performed increases and reduction of capital of companies, preparation of minutes of meetings of shareholders and meetings of stocks owners, amendments to statutes of incorporation and constitutions, advices on bidding processes in the public and private sector.

Currently holds the legal representation and Syndic of major foreign capital companies in the areas of construction and engineering, medical equipment and agrochemicals.

He contributed to the publication "Investing Across Borders 2010" published by the World Bank Group and author of the thesis; "Adecuación Típica del Delito de Lesiones Culposas con Relación al Ejercicio de la Medicina" (2006).

Excellent command of english language, having served as a translator of oral trials in criminal matters.