650 South Cherry Street, Denver, Colorado, US 80246

About Robert Petrowsky

Robert Petrowsky enjoys helping clients with all aspects of business transactions, from forming a business to exiting it and everything in between. While growing up on his family’s fifth-generation Kansas corn farm, Robert learned a strong work ethic as well as how to manage every aspect of a large, complex business. This experience helps him understand the unique challenges business owners encounter and he’s passionate about helping them excel.

Robert has a wide variety of both outside and in-house legal experience, ranging from assisting small startup companies run out of a garage to advising large public companies operating on multiple continents. He enjoys helping businesses of all sizes find the best solution to a wide variety of legal matters, including:

  • Advising business owners on the pros and cons of each type of company, including partnerships, LLCs, and corporations, and helping them to form their new business
  • Working with business owners to find the best way to structure outside financing, whether through a commercial loan, private loan, equity in the company, or anything in between
  • Guiding businesses through the complex securities laws and regulations when relying on outside investments and drafting and filing all required forms
  • Helping determine the best way to structure a sale or purchase of a business and conducting due diligence to ensure the client doesn’t have any surprises in the future
  • Advising businesses on the tax consequences of a wide variety of transactions

Robert is earning his Executive LL.M. in Taxation through Georgetown University Law Center, which includes many classes that focus on the international tax issues that an increasing number of large companies face