Studio Legale Sutti’s post-Covid19 New Entries

Milan, 24/07/2020
The peculiar and difficult scenario of the first half of 2020 did not slow down the growth program of Studio Legale Sutti.
In particular, the Firm has recently concentrated on one of the traditional strong points in its range of services, namely that related to advising foreign business clients for everything pertaining to local law, market and juridiscition.

Accordingly, its Russian Desk – active both in Milan and Sofia and dedicated to support Russian companies and investors in the EU, as well as the Russian community in Italy – has welcome Tatyana Ryabchenko, formerly with P&S Legal, who is a bilingual lawyer with a Russian academic and professional background, and will be especially involved with dealing with law and other professional firms active in the Russian Federation and in the Commonwealth of Independent States,

Andrea Gallotta, an Italian lawyer returning home after a ten-year Brazilian experience experience with Oliveira Freitas Advogados and the international network Redejur, and previous periods with Cuonzo and Trevisan and with Pavia Ansaldo, has similarly joined Studio Legale Sutti’s Latin Desk which is also active in Milan and specialises to relations between Italy and Latin America, but is also expected to play a role in dealing with companies and law firms based in Portugal.

Furthermore, Tommaso Parlanti, owner of the firm of the same name in Florence specialising in relations with Turkey, has been entrusted responsability for the coordination and development of SLS’s business related to the turkophone world. In his new role as of Counsel he is to offer for the first time a direct presence in the Tuscan territory, including for clients’ representation in local courts.

Finally, Eugenia Guardia Nardini and Ottone Traniello Gradassi have joined the Firm’s IP Law & Competition Department, a pratice which remains the fastest growing segment of Studio Legale Sutti‘s business.