Studio Legale Sutti further development in Japan

Milan (Italy), February 17th 2020 – Studio Legale Sutti (SLS) is the first and only professional law firm with headquarters in Italy to have created its own office in Japan. It had been active since 1992 in the historic Tokyo office in Suginami-ku in the field of intellectual property and in offering Italian and Balkan lawyers services to the local market, thanks in particular to the work of Masako Nishina, MVA, patent attorney, and Prof. Romano Vulpitta. With the beginning of the 2020s he welcomed partners and associates of the Minamiaoyama Law / Accounting Firm. It is an independent local reality founded in 2009 by Junya Manabe, a Tokyo Bar lawyer with ten years of experience also as a certified public accountant. In Minamiaoyama Law / Accounting Firm there are also Youichi Onuma, Haruki Nakamura, Yuhei Oku, Keigo Masuda among its human resources. Takumi Shibasaki, Ryo Ahizawa and as a business consultant Hiroyuki Tanaka. This development of SLS reinforces its traditional focus on Italian-Japanese bilateral relations while many of its competitors are concentrated either on China or on other emerging countries of the area. This aims to allow local SLS partners both to assist directly its international customers in Japanese courts and to provide them with complete legal, accounting and tax services in the Japanese jurisdiction, as well as assistance in patent and trademark matters. Meanwhile, SLS strengthed presence in the capital of the country which still remains the third economic power in the world is undoubtedly to contribute to reinforce SLS awareness in Japanese companies and investors in relations with Italy.