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1050 Beaver Hall Hill, #1500
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North America

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Our firm was formed by Robert Brouillette, a few other members of his former firm and new members sharing the same values. Brouillette Legal, Inc. brings a pragmatic perspective to legal affairs. We serve SME’s, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and innovators, desiring to develop their businesses in Quebec, Canada and/or internationally.

Gold & Diamond Park - 4-215 Dubai
+971 7 207 7723
Middle East

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CRESCO Legal Fulfills All Your Legal Needs by Providing Sound and Effective Legal Advice in a Local and International Environment

ul. Hrubieszowska 2
48 (22) 295 33 40
48 22 295 3301
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TGC originated in 1904 as a tax and fiscal advisory partnership in the City of London. As a legal practice, TGC has existed since 1978 and the firm opened its first office in Poland in 1990. During Poland’s economic and political transition, international investors taking advantage of the opportunities opened to them by a newly…

C. Rafael Peña 222
(591-2) 240-6951
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Central & South America

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Urenda Abogados is a law firm that provides services in all areas a national or foreign investor may require to make an adequate investment. Founded in 1990, it is the oldest law firm in Santa Cruz to provide integral services to private investors. It is the leading consultant to companies, as well as in collection…

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