Why Law Firms Around the World Should Join LawPact

What Is LawPact?

LawPact is an international association and network of independent business law firms serving clients in all business law capacities, including litigation and transactional work across a variety of industries. The organization was created in 2001 as a Pennsylvania non-profit, non-stock corporation with a registered US trademark in its name.

LawPact’s mission is to assist member firms in pursuing excellence in client service, firm management, profitability, the application of evolving technologies and marketing and to create a trans-national, juried referral panel to serve the global legal needs of member firm clients.

Where is LawPact?

As of February 2020, there are 62 member firms of LawPact in nearly all regions of the world. Currently there are 35 member firms in North America. US LawPact members are located in Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. Other North American member firms are located in Missasauga (Toronto), Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; and Vancouver, British Columbia; and Mexico City, Mexico.

In South America, member firms are located in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.  Central American member firms are located in Costa Rica and Panama.

LawPact boasts 16 European member firms located in Austria, Belgium, Cyrprus, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland. We also have a member firm in Israel.

In the Asia/Pacific Region, LawPact has member a firm in India and the United Arab Emirates. We are working to develop further partnerships in other Asia–Pacific business centers.

What are the Qualifications for Membership in LawPact?

LawPact seeks to attract top-quality law firms that are focused upon the practice of business law. The ideal firm is one that enjoys an outstanding professional reputation in its community, that realizes at least 60% of its revenues from business-related work, and generally has between 2 and 25 partners, and up to 50 total employees. In recognition of the differences in the role of lawyers in different cultures around the world, the board may waive or vary any of its stated qualifications in order to admit a firm that, in the board’s opinion, will add value to the network. Because of the value of interaction among members, regular attendance at conferences is expected.

Does LawPact Have Any Professional Affiliations?

LawPact is pleased to be affiliated with Inpact Americas and its sister organizations, Inpact International and Inpact Asia Pacific, well-known international associations of accounting firms. There are currently 125+ members of Inpact in 60+ countries around the world. LawPact schedules one of its two annual meetings in conjunction with Inpact Americas and holds its “world conference” every two years in conjunction with the Inpact world conference. Lists of the members of LawPact are circulated to all Inpact members to alert them of the availability of LawPact members to provide legal services to Inpact member clients around the world.

Are there opportunities for regular interaction among members?

LawPact encourages communications among members, with regular member reports being sent by the officers. Members e-mail articles and other matters of interest to the other members as well as solicit partnership engagement for their clients in other regions. Our website is useful for posting marketing ideas, firm announcements, press releases, and endeavors to keep members current on client wins, decisions and educational blog posts.

The Board of Directors holds regular monthly telephone conferences in which all members are welcome to participate. Perhaps most beneficial are the bi-annual LawPact member conferences. Each Spring and Fall, members convene in one North American location and then one international location to share best practices and participate in ongoing education workshops by various experts in business, law, technology, etc., based on current events and business climate. These face-to-face meetings are an invaluable tool for member firms in building trust in business relationships and ensuring that clients are in good hands with any LawPact member firm.

What Is the Cost of Membership?

Membership is very inexpensive and consists of an initial, one-time membership fee of $250.00 US and annual dues which are $800 per year. Members pay their own costs of travel to the two LawPact meetings scheduled each year and the actual costs of participating in those meetings (meeting room fees, presentation fees, snacks, meals, materials costs, etc.) are also apportioned among the participants in each meeting.

How is LawPact governed?

LawPact is governed by an active board of directors elected from its membership. The board appoints LawPact’s president, secretary and treasurer and such vice-presidents as are necessary to accomplish the business of the organization. There is one vice-president for each non-US region in which LawPact has members. Additional details concerning the governance of LawPact can be found in its bylaws which are available on this website.

If I Join, Will I Be in Competition with other Firms In My Market Area?

LawPact’s by-laws assure each member the benefits of participating in LawPact will not be diluted by the admission of multiple members in the same market area. This limitation can, of course, be waived by an existing member to admit another firm or firm in a common market area but such waiver is a strictly voluntary. Details on the protection enjoyed by member firms is set forth in the bylaws which are available on this website.

In Addition To Referral Opportunities, What Can My Firm Expect to Receive From LawPact Membership?

In addition to potential referrals LawPact members receive state of the art practice management information. Because LawPact seeks to admit only top quality firms and because LawPact is international, its members have deep and diverse expertise in client service, firm management and marketing. Substantial portions of each meeting are devoted to the consideration of client service, firm management, identification of useful technologies and their application to modern law practices and marketing.

LawPact does periodic surveys of the technologies used by each member firm and not only identifies the hardware and software used for various tasks but also records actual user opinions and experiences. The surveys help members become informed purchasers of technology based upon reviews by actual users.

LawPact also collects, circulates and facilitates discussion of member firm financial ratios (no disclosure of actual numbers is required) to help members evaluate the economic vitality their practices in comparison to similar practices around the world.

In addition, participation in LawPact’s meetings enables its members to develop long-term relationships so that when referrals are made within the network, the referrals are to known persons of known quality and expertise which assures the greatest possible assurance of client satisfaction.

Members have consistently reported that the cost of membership and participation in LawPact meetings have been recouped many times over from the implementation of ideas and procedures discussed at the organization’s meetings.

How Does My Firm Join LawPact?

An application form is available from this website. Complete the application and submit it. Then, attend a LawPact meeting (potential members pay their own travel, hotel, and dinner costs but one representative from each prospective member is the guest of LawPact for all meeting costs). Meet and discuss your practice with the members at the meeting. You and LawPact can then make an informed decision as to whether your firm is a good fit for LawPact participation.

How Can I Get More Information?

Check this website. You may also call or e-mail any officer of LawPact to discuss your interest in our network. In North or South America or Asia, contact our President, Douglas Conover, by telephone at 312-928-9389 or by e-mail at dconover@dclawchicago.com. In Europe, contact our VP-Europe, Bernd Lichtenstern, by telephone at +49.8191.320.1010 or by e-mail at berndli@lichtenstern-rae.de.In South America, contact Rodrigo Novoa by telephone at (56-2) 25108900 or by email at rnovoa@siv.cl