Avatar of Juan Carlos Urenda
C. Rafael Peña 222, Santa Cruz, BO
(591-3) 336-7788

Law degree from Gabriel Rene Moreno Autonomous University and Master’s degree in Law from Harvard University and International Law from The American University.

He worked at Sullivan & Cromwell law firm in New York (1990) and, as of the end of that year, has been the Director of the Urenda Abogados law firm, which provides integral services to national and foreign private investors.

He was a member of the Citizens’ Council for Constitutional Reform in 2001-2002 and the National Pre-Constituent and Pre-Autonomy Council in 2005. President of the Bolivian Academy for Constitutional Studies from 2004-2006. Ad honorem external consultant for the Prefecture of Santa Cruz in the conduction of the autonomy process from 2007-2008. Project consultant for the Summons to a National Referendum of the Constituent Assembly for Departmental Autonomy, and the Autonomy Statutes for the Department of Santa Cruz, approved by referendum on 4 May 2008. Gubernatorial Candidate for the Department of Santa Cruz in April, 2010.

In 2005 he received the distinction of Attorney of the Year from the Santa Cruz Bar. In May 2007 the Federation of Professionals of Santa Cruz awarded him the La Santa Cruz al Mérito Profesional statue. In January 2008, the Santa Cruz Provisional Autonomy Assembly, by way of Resolution No. 03/2008, awarded him the Cruz Potenzada. In February 2008 the Pro Santa Cruz Committee awarded him its top distinction, the Medalla al Mérito Cruceño. In June of the same year the Volunteer Services Alliance distinguished him as an autonomic leader for a new Bolivia.

Arbitrator for the Santa Cruz Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CAINCO) Business Arbitration Center, the Interamerican Business Arbitration Commission (IACAC), and a former member of the ICC International Arbitration Court headquartered in Paris.

Author of the following books:
- Responsibilities manual for managers, directors and trustees (Manual de la responsabilidad de los gerentes, directores y síndicos) (2012, 2017)
- Project to reform the constitutional competencies distribution regime (Proyecto de reforma constitucional del régimen de distribución de competencias) (2010)
- The unlasting dream. (El Sueño Imperturbable) (2009)
- The Catoblepas State (El Estado Catoblepas) (2009)
- Departmental autonomies (Autonomías Departamentales) (1987, 2005, 2007)
- Separating the wheat from the chaff. Bases to constitute departmental autonomies. (Separando la paja del trigo, bases para constituir las autonomías departamentales) (2005, 2005, 2006)
- Against the grain (A contrapelo) (2003)
- Deficient decentralization (La descentralización deficiente) (1996).
- Administrative decentralization in Bolivia, fundamental concepts and analysis. (Descentralización Administrativa en Bolivia, conceptos fundamentales y análisis) (1991).