Member Benefits
The LawPact® Promise

Our promise to each and every member is to share state-of-the art expertise and top-quality referrals that enable them to extend their footprint when needed, and to increase business opportunities.

LawPact®’s network of 59 member firms in 25 countries encompasses more than 500 lawyers and is continually growing.

Other affiliations include Inpact Americas and its sister organizations, Inpact International and Inpact Asia Pacific, well-known international associations of accounting firms. There are currently 125+ members of Inpact in 60+ countries around the world.

Member firms
500 +
Client Benefits
Local Presence, Global Reach

Working with a LawPact® member firm opens the door to the world. Literally. Clients who establish a relationship with a LawPact® member firm find they have access to some of the best legal expertise, across a variety of industries, in the world. Without the price tag of a large firm!

We create winning teams that deliver the value-added legal services necessary in a global economy while catering to the need for personal attention, fee value and regional expertise that can be experienced only in a small- to mid-sized firm.

Business Law Plus

Today’s business climate requires a multi-faceted team of legal experts who know how to navigate any industry. In addition to business law, most member firms also have expertise in employment and real estate law while many others offer intellectual property services among other specialties.

All are practical and have good business acumen. LawPact® encourages end-user clients and referring member firms to provide feedback to allow us to measure client satisfaction with respect to the quality and cost efficiency of its member firms. This is a strong incentive for LawPact® firms to continually improve the quality of the services rendered to their clients.

The LawPact® Difference

Members’ clients take comfort in knowing their legal needs will be handled reliably, consistently and cost effectively.

LawPact® firms provide a cost effectiveness that large law firms simply cannot match. Our members invest in improving services and resources rather than opening costly branch offices.

Global Footprint, Singular Vision
How we work together
Collaboration is Key

LawPact® is governed by an active Board of Directors elected from its membership. Each region is represented by a Vice President. The Board meets monthly via Zoom to discuss current business, upcoming conferences and issues facing member firms.

Since the COVID pandemic began, LawPact® membership convenes a weekly call to discuss firm management trends, best practice ideas and other issues facing law firms today.

A true highlight, and perhaps the most important of all collaboration techniques, are the conferences held twice a year—once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The conferences rotate between a North American and an international destination, and are invaluable for relationship building and networking. These relationships are the bedrock of the LawPact referral network and spark new ideas, continued learning and best practices sharing.

Expert speakers are brought in and facilitate learning sessions on a wealth of topics from Cybersecurity to Succession Planning to The Evolving Legal Workplace.
LawPact® encourages communication among members and maintains regular contact with all members in a variety of ways:

Details concerning the governance of LawPact® can be found in its bylaws which are available on the Publications section.


Membership is very inexpensive and consists of an initial, one-time membership fee of $250 US and annual dues which are $800 per year.

Members pay their own costs of travel to the two LawPact® meetings scheduled each year and the actual costs of participating in those meetings (meeting room fees, presentation fees, snacks, meals, materials costs, etc.) are also apportioned among the participants in each meeting.

One time fee
$ 250 USD
Annual dues
$ 800 USD
How to Join
LawPact® is always seeking new members whose participation will be mutually beneficial.

Typically, firm size ranges from 5 to 30 lawyers but larger and smaller firms are currently members and will be considered unless a competitive situation with a current member exists.

If you would like more information about membership in LawPact®, use the download button below or contact Douglas Conover at 312-928-9389 or

Fill out and submit online, or, download the application and once completed, save it as a pdf document and e-mail it to or fax to 312-803-2770.

After receiving an application, candidates are invited to join us as our guest (no registration fee required) at a conference to meet the members, or can be interviewed at their offices. If LawPact®’s board and the member candidate agree, an offer of membership will be extended.

LawPact® Membership Application