650 South Cherry Street, Suite 1100, Denver, Colorado, US 80246

About Lisa D'Ambrosia

Director/Shareholder, Managing Director/President

Lisa D'Ambrosia is an experienced business transactional attorney who puts a client's decision-making process - whether buying or selling a business; buying, building or leasing real estate; or coming to terms with a private equity investor, private lender or institutional lender --­ into the context of the client's whole business and personal life.

"My clients know me. They know that I will challenge them to think about their options and the various outcomes and impact of their decisions on both the business and them personally." Lisa said, "We are not just an order-taker, we ask the whys and understand what they are trying to accomplish. The results are better when we look at and analyze business decisions with a holistic perspective, and the greater impact their decisions have on their business and personal life."

For years, Lisa has helped hundreds of business owners work their way through tough business questions, issues and decisions that are at the heart of virtually every business, such as:

When is the right time to sell my business, how do I sell my business?
• Should I acquire a business, expand my current operations or sell my business or a division of my business to focus on core business and objectives?
• What is the best way to structure both inside and outside investment financing through equity or debt?
• Do I lease my business location, buy an existing building or build a new building?

Because of the high volume of her mergers and acquisitions and transactional work, Lisa has seen and overcome lots of issues that arise between buyers and sellers that get M&A deals “stuck.” Thanks to her experience, according to Lisa, she negotiates through difficult differences and situations to get the best result for her clients, recognizing that purchase and sale transactions close only when they are regarded as win-win situations. "I don't use a Your Way or My Way approach."

Her clients are typically your everyday, closely-owned businesses. These individuals and privately-owned companies run the gamut, including:

• Service companies
• Manufacturers
• Distributors
• Contractors
• Technology companies
• Real estate companies
• Developers
• Oil and gas service providers, and more.

Most of the transactions with which Lisa helps are in the local and regional private lower and middle market. Her clients are selling typically to buyers or buying businesses outside Colorado and often outside the U.S.

Regardless of the type or size of the transaction (or who is on the other side of the table), Lisa has earned a reputation as a decisive, but civil straight-shooter. "I learned a long time ago that everything we need to know in life we learned in kindergarten. The playground rules apply everyday in business and life."

Professional and Civic Activities
Lisa serves her community in a variety of volunteer capacities, most notably as:

• Past Chair, Board of Directors, the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce.
• Past Chair, the Economic Development Group and the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center, various STEM organizations and the Denver Chamber's CEO Exchange Program.
• Colorado Storm Long Range Planning Committee.
• She has also been active in several other community and national charitable organizations. These include:

o Children's Hospital
o Janet’s Camp
o Adam’s Camp
o Morgan Adams Foundation
o The Leukemia Foundation
o The March of Dimes
o The American Liver Foundation
o The National Kidney Foundation