Brussels Stopover Conference May 5, 2017

Bernd Lichternstern (Germany), Doug Conover (USA), and myself (Frederic Beele, Belgium) are pleased to confirm & announce the next European stopover which will take place in Brussels on Friday May 5th 2017. Yes, there is something else besides the typical Belgian chocolate, Brussels Sprouts, our famous beers and -not French- fries: the conference will be held at the Comics Art Museum (Belgian Comic Strip Center) in Brussels (Zandstraat 20, 1000 Brussel ; https://www.comicscenter.net/en/home). Location, see link: location museum. The museum is a landmark (art nouveau architecture, by Victor Horta). As a participant to the conference, you will have free access to the museum. Details / instructions how to reach the museum by public transport will be sent at a later stage. Our goal is to enhance the relationship among the European members, exchange ideas, and learn. Hereunder you will find the program: – 09:30: start of the stopover o Welcome & short presentation of each other o Lawyers in Europe: where to / evolution ? Short reporting after the CCBE conference in October 2016 “Innovation and Future of the Legal Profession” & round table discussion o Short reporting about the Napa conference (April 2017, focused on marketing) – 12:30: lunch at bistro Horta (part of the Museum) – 14:00: o External speaker: IT security (training) (approx. 1 ½ h) (initial reasoning: in lawfirms doing (international) business it is essential to avoid theft of data and hacking attacks snapping for client´s database. What threats do we face (software, hardware, physically) and how we can avoid being a victim. What are typical risks, what can we do to avoid security vulnerability, what standards are to be followed, how to build an internal security framework etc.) o Technology update: tips & tricks from members ? o How to attract further members of LawPact Europe ? / action points ; how to interact between each other ? also link to the reporting about the Napa conference in April 2017 o Next European stopover: date & location ? – 17:00: end of the stopover – 17:30