Keyser Mason Ball, LLP July 2018 e-newsletter

Welcome to the July edition of our e-newsletter KMB Notes!

This month we share with you a few very interesting updates. One comes from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice regarding Condominium Corporations. The other deals with upcoming changes in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, (“PIPEDA”), concerning cyber breaches.
Brian Jenkins, a member of the firm’s Commercial Litigation practice, provides the rationale behind a recent decision by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice indicating that the language used in any disclosure statements for condominium corporations (or any changes to disclosure statements during their construction) must be clear and easily understandable by all parties involved. Read more in the article titled “As Clear as an Azure Sky”.
In addition, Ian Wick, Managing Partner for KMB, provides a summary of the new PIPEDA requirements for privacy and the obligations related to a cyber breach affecting any personal or private information in the custody of a company.