Keyser Mason Ball, LLP May 2018 e-Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, we provide insight into various types of transfers with very personal implications; ownership of businesses (without complicating factors), homes from parents to children (in an attempt to minimize effects of probate tax) and children from parent to parent in divorce custody disputes.
Sarah MacDonald, an associate from our Corporate/Commercial practice group provides insights into what steps may need to be taken to ensure the sale of a business can be processed without complications.
Suzanna Winsborough, Partner, Business & Estate Succession practice group discusses the pros and cons of joint ownership of homes between parent and child in an effort to minimize the effect of probate tax or estate tax.
From our Family Law practice group, Nav Shokar gives a thorough review of the federal Divorce Act and the provincial Children’s Law Reform Act and their intended goal of protecting the interests of children and parents alike throughout and following divorce (to best ensure an ongoing healthy relationship of all involved).