Announcement : Doug Conover Co-Presents to Inpact Conference on the Legal Aspects of Social Media

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  • The theme for the conference is Skills and Tools for Managing Partners as Team Leaders, facilitated by Jeffrey Nischwitz. Among the specific topic sections to be presented are: Team Engagement and Acceleration Team Communication, Accountability, and Execution Marketing - Unleashing Rainmakers As is our custom, at the Fall conference we will present our financial ratios review. To make the results more meaningful for our European members, financial ratios will be presented separately for North American members and for European members. We are also considering additional speakers. The official agenda will be sent to members around the middle of May. You cannot afford to miss this conference!
  • The Colorado Supreme Court just released its opinion in the Coats matter, attached.  The Supreme Court affirmed the opinion of the Court of Appeals which held that an activity such as medical marijuana use that is unlawful under federal law is not a ‘lawful’ activity under section 24-34-402.5 CRS.  It went on to find that Coat’s medical marijuana use was unlawful under federal law, it did not fall within the protections of section 24-34-402.5 CRS for ‘lawful’ use.

    Employers may still enforce their drug policies and discipline or terminate an employee who tests positive for THC.

  • KMB is pleased to announce that John Ball, one of the founding partners of the firm, has assumed a new management role as Executive Chairman, as of January 1, 2015. 

    Four Robert Speck Parkway Suite 1600 Mississauga, ON L4Z 1S1 905.276.9111 • @KeyserMasonBall

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